Year 11 Study Leave Letter

Dear Parents / Carers of Year 11 Students,

We have now reached a point where year 11 students, as from Friday 24 May, have been granted study leave and now only need to attend college for examinations and compulsory revision sessions.

Exam attendance and revision sessions have been attended excellently this half term, however, the current arrangement is becoming less personalised for the needs of individual students. As a result, and in order to maximise learning prior to each of the remaining exams, your son/ daughter must attend the following compulsory revision sessions, only if they are entered for that exam.


Revision day and date Periods Subject
Monday 3 June 3/4 English Language
Wednesday 5 June 1/2 Maths
Wednesday 5 June 3/4 Geography
Thursday 6 June 3/4 English
Thursday 6 June 3/4 History – Students taking History have the option to attend both History sessions or attend English P3 and History P4
Friday 7 June 3/4 Biology
Monday 10 June 3/4 Maths
Tuesday 11 June 3/4 Chemistry
Tuesday 11 June 3/4 History – Students taking History have the option to attend both History sessions or attend Chemistry P3 and History P4
Wednesday 12 June 3/4 Geography
Thursday 13 June 3/4 Physics

The college facilities will be available to students for private study, as will the teaching staff of subjects still to be taken, in lesson times where they would have taught year 11.

A register will be taken in each revision sessions and failure to attend will be treated in the same way as any absence, with parents/carers being contacted to ascertain why their child is absent.

Throughout the revision and examination period correct college uniform must be worn at all times and students will need to be correctly equipped for all sessions and examinations.


After half term, morning GCSE examinations commence at 9:00am and afternoon GCSE examinations commence at 1:30pm (Please note this is a change from 2:00pm)

Please ensure your son/ daughter arrives at college at least 10 minutes before each exam.
Examination results will be available from 9:00 – 10:30 am on Thursday 22 August 2019; entry from Burton Road (front gate) only.

We, as a staff, would like to wish all of year 11 the very best with their remaining examinations and trust that they will also be given the appropriate support at home in order to fulfil their true academic potential.

Yours sincerely,
Mr M Hambrook Assistant Principal i/c Progress & Attainment

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