Whole College Punctuality

Dear Parents /Carers,

We are writing to all students’ families to emphasise the importance of arriving to college on time. The vast majority of students arrive at college on time, however, there are a small group who regularly arrive between 9.00am and 9:15am and a smaller group who arrive even later.

College AM registration and assemblies start at 9.00 am every day. Students need to be on site at 8:55am, so they can start their day promptly. Students who arrive late are greatly disadvantaged because they miss starting the day with their peers and form time. This means that they are often missing key messages leading to confusion and unsettlement about college.  It is also very important that children establish good routines and habits in preparation for the rest of their lives.

Punctuality is a life skill that they need to develop whilst they are at college. It is essential that you ensure that your child arrives at college on time to prevent disruption to your child’s own learning and that of others.

We are required to monitor every student’s punctuality and attendance. On-going lateness (after the register has been taken) is classified as an unauthorised absence and this is contrary to The Education Act.

As you are aware the entry gates are locked at 9.00am, therefore all students who are later enter college via the Burton Road gates and go to the Reception office where their names will be taken and the reason for their late arrival is recorded. We understand that there may be rare occasions when they are unavoidably late due to unforeseen circumstances, however if this is not the case, a student who arrives late to college twice in one week will receive a one hour detention. High levels of unauthorised absences or poor punctuality can result in a referral to the Educational Investigation Service or other agencies which have a duty to investigate further and could result in legal action being taken against you. If you are experiencing difficulties with punctuality and would like to talk to us about it, please make an appointment to do so with Mrs Heath, Attendance Officer, or your child’s Head of Year.