Anti-Bullying League

 “I give you a new commandment; Love one another as I have loved you.” John 13:33

In order to promote positive behaviour between each other we have an Anti-Bullying League (ABLe) consisting of a small group of students from KS4. They are trained to listen compassionately to the needs of young students, particularly in KS3, offering peer support and guidance to those experiencing difficulties. We call them our ‘Buddies’ and can be paired with younger students who may benefit from regular support.

In addition to this, the College follows all local and national directives but also creates other opportunities to promote a zero tolerance climate to bullying. This consists of assemblies, awareness and charity events, pastoral programme collaborating with the role of the tutor, outside agencies and visits and internal workshops addressing specific topics such as diversity,cyber bullying, peer pressure etc.

Bishop Milner is constantly committed to seeking new and appropriate ways of promoting the anti-bullying message and, as such, will adapt initiatives, roles and responsibilities accordingly.