Vocation Half Term

November to December at Bishop Milner is Vocations half term.  Following the call of Pope Francis last month to think of different ways we can encounter God in the world, we have begun to reflect on how we can respond to God’s call as the body of Christ.  Our aim is for every subject in college is to invite guest speakers or organise visits to universities to explore how we can ‘Develop our God given talents’ (College Motto).  This is to help our students realise the range of skills they can develop in order to make a positive contribution to our world to support human rights and give them the courage to aspire to any vocation that will contribute to the Common Good.

Many thanks to the following subjects for organising visitors for our Vocations half term and we look forward to updating the list throughout this half term.

In November Science welcomed Sarah Cosgriff from the Institute of Physics who spoke to staff and sixth formers about gender balance in science.

Health and Social care welcomed Susan Love from ‘Home Instead’.

RE – Year 12 and 13 students this month will have a talk from the LIFE charity and discuss the ethics of designer babies and genetic engineering within the context of our Catholic faith.

PC Peters will be speaking to students in KS3 about his vocation as a member of West Midlands Police supporting law and order.

Geography will be inviting in Mitchell Brookes to speak to students about using geography in the work place.   In the week after this talk students will reflect on the moral issues linked to migration and visas for refugees.

Maths students will be listening to Rachel a MD in finance and in the following week, they will be looking at what ethical decision bankers have to make when lending money.

In December Year 7 students in English will be working with the poet Dreadlock Alien and reflecting on using words for good in our world.