Year 6 Transition

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Welcome to Bishop Milner Catholic College.  You are about to reach a great milestone in life!  You are finishing Year 6 and leaving your primary school.  You are also starting a new secondary school.  We are a very caring College community and hope to quickly reassure you if you have any worries.

During this Summer term, you will be provided with various pieces of information that will help you prepare for your transition from primary school to Bishop Milner. Everyone is here to help.

When you will first visit Bishop Milner.

Thankfully, the ongoing progress in our fight against Covid 19 means we aim to give you the opportunity to visit our college before you start your first day of learning.  The provisional dates of this 2-day transition are is Monday 4thJuly and Tuesday 5thJuly.

We are also pleased that this year, for the first time, many of the students in Year 6 at St Chads and St Joseph’s Primary Schools have also had the chance to make weekly transition visits to our school.  Hopefully, this will not only aid their own
transition, but also enable these students to help others with their transition.

What Your Form Group will be.

At Bishop Milner we have 5 House Saints, each saint is assigned to a form. These are St Andrew, St Bernadette, St Clare, St John and St Stephen.  You will be with your form group every morning and you can compete with other forms throughout your time at Bishop Milner in many inter-house competitions.  Importantly, before you purchase the school tie, you will need know your house saint because it is represented by the colour of your tie, and you will wear this with pride!  Letters will be sent to all students informing them of their form group during June/July.  Uniform suppliers are also at the bottom of this page.

Life at Bishop Milner

We will share with you our expectations at Bishop Milner during your 2-day transition and again when you arrive in September.  Many of the things you’ll want to know before starting will hopefully be answered when we visit you at your school in the
summer, be answered during the 2-day transition or may be on the FAQ page below.
Feel free to read this document and also ask any questions you need when we come to visit or you visit our college.

We have set up lots of activities you can be getting on with that can be found on the subject links below. 

You can download the short MY TRANSITION ALL ABOUT ME booklet and bring it in during the 2 transition days or when you arrive in September.