Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives


Dear Parents/Carers,

If your son or daughter has a ‘KEY WORKER/VULNERABLE STUDENT TERM TIME CARE PROVISION‘ place at BMCC from Monday 23 March you will have (1) met the email request deadline (2) provided employment evidence and (3) received a letter via email on Friday 20 March. Your sons/daughters name will be on our daily register.


No other Bishop Milner Catholic College students will be allowed on our campus.

If any other students turn up at 9.00am with or without parents/carers, expecting or requesting term time care provision and are not on the register, they will be refused access to the college campus at the front gate (Burton Road entrance).

We must have a firm stance in these unprecedented circumstances so risks are limited as much as possible for the staff serving our community and the students granted this provision on campus.

Please remember, the only students on campus on Monday are those who’s parents/carers have jobs/roles that provide critical work within our local and national response to the COVID-19 virus. If you are able to keep your sons and daughters at home safe, you should, to minimise the risk to your families, our local community and beyond.

Our remote/online learning programme commences on Monday 23 March at 10.00am.

Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation at this difficult time for us all.


Be safe! God bless,

Mr R May