Rosary with Archbishop Bernard in the Extraordinary Missionary Month – October 2019

On the 9th October over 40 students and staff at Bishop Milner Catholic College had the opportunity to pray the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary with Archbishop Bernard via a live stream as one family in Christ.  We also joined Dan Callow and Emily Clark in singing hymns dedicated to Our Lady.  The aim of this extra ordinary moment of prayer was for 80,000 people to pray with the Archbishop in this Extraordinary Missionary Month decalared by Pope Francis.   Thanks to Mrs Guest, Mrs Hackett, Mrs Tolley and Mrs Bi for joining our students in the chapel today in prayer.

Following our chance to prayer as one community of faith our students gave reasons why they enjoyed this prayerful and powerful experience.

A year 9 student said that she enjoyed this opportunity as it helped her to get closer to God by praying the traditional prayers of the Rosary.  It gave students a chance to pray together as a community and experience the rosary prayer in our chapel in college.

A Yr 8 student said that they enjoyed praying the rosary as it helped them think about the times when they hadn’t done the right thing.  As a member of the school choir I enjoyed singing the hymns and I was overjoyed when we sang my favourite hymn, ‘Be still for the presence of the Lord.’  I like it because it I know that God is watching over me and guiding me in my life.