Remembrance Day 2019

Monday 1th November was an important day in college at Bishop Milner Catholic College.  Sixth Form students from our Faith in Action lessons created a prayer service that was used for the whole college in the chapel during the day. 

Year 10  students were asked why they thought 11th November is important,  and how it inspired their faith.  This is what they said:

“I like it because we were able to take part and lead prayers in the Remembrance service in the Chapel and it gave us a chance to reflect about the soldiers and those who have gone before us.  I enjoyed my Maths teacher telling me why this day is important.

It has inspired me to be respectful for the heroes who sacrificed their lives  for us and we remember what they did for us.

I understood more about why we remember the 11th November, and it was good to know how the 2 minute silence why 2019 was the 100th anniversary.   It reminded me about the difficult times the soldiers went through and what they did for our country and why it is important to stand up for peace.”