Vertical Tutoring

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. – Psalm 23:6

Vision: At Bishop Milner Catholic College we work together to create a Catholic, cohesive, safer community to help our young people develop a sense of belonging and appreciation of the world in which they live so that they may effectively live in a world made up of people from other religions, cultures and backgrounds. To this end, we promote the mutual benefits of communication, contact and joint enterprise between younger and older people.

To contribute to the fulfilment of this vision in an active supportive environment, tutor groups are organised ‘vertically’ so that they include a range of ages, making them more like a family. We believe that Vertical Tutoring supports learning and raises achievement creating a stronger sense of belonging as students look to older – and younger – members of their tutor group for support and advice.

Equipping students with transferable skills and attributes is an essential for the world of work in years to come. We believe that Vertical Tutoring gives our students valuable experience of getting on with and working alongside a range of people of different ages and backgrounds throughout their college life.

Vertical Tutoring embodies our sense of optimism and our Christian attitudes, developing a greater sense of community, drawing students of different ages together and breaking down barriers. Vertical Tutoring builds on and enhances the college’s mission statement of ‘Developing our God Given Talents’ and in order to do this, we must learn to live together; celebrate together; love together and learn together.

Vertical Tutoring brings a sense of togetherness because during each college day, our students communicate and socialise with a small group of students from across our whole community.

Compassion: Vertical Tutoring enables students to be sensitive to each other’s needs at each growth and learning stage and teaches them how to deal with issues facing our whole community. Vertical Tutoring creates a family and community atmosphere in the college helping bond the students across the year groups.

Integrity: Consistency of actions, values, expectations and outcomes is fostered by collaboration within Vertical Tutoring groups on behaviour, aspirations and learning. Tutor groups are constructed such that they have a good mix of gender, achievement levels, ethnicity and personal interests.

Wisdom: Mentoring and collaboration are key elements of tutor time allowing students to share knowledge of each stage of learning/transition.

Justice: The family approach to a tutor group helps with consistency of approach to behaviour issues and welfare needs. Students get support and guidance with relationship issues and with bullying problems.