#KNIFEFREE Initiative – West Midlands Police

Dear Parents and Carers

Please find attached a letter I recently received from PC Andy Peters, our local Police Liaison officer.

PC Peters, along with some of his colleagues will be visiting Bishop Milner Catholic College next week to promote the West Midlands Police #KNIFEFREE initiative. As part of the initiative they will be bringing along their screening device very similar to the devices you may have seen in airports and concert venues in recent years. Some of our classes and staff will be shown how the device works and participate in a search. Students and staff will also be given the opportunity to ask the Police questions and discuss the potential dangers of knife crime and importantly how to keep safe.

The West Midlands Police aim to visit all schools in the Dudley area so they can promote the initiative and will revisit Bishop Milner Catholic College as part of a programme of screening in the next academic year.

I trust you will be fully supportive of this initiative as we continue to educate our fantastic young people about the dangers people may face in our society today.

Yours sincerely,

Mr R May

Mrs S Hand
Student & Staff Welfare and Designated Safeguarding Lead