Ian Austin MP – Send My Friend To School Visit

Ian Austin, our local MP for Dudley North, visited our college on Friday 5th July in the afternoon to discuss, ‘Send My Friend to School’ 2019 campaign.

Send My Friend to School is the UK coalition of the Global Campaign for Education (GCE).  The GCE is a global organisation working to ensure quality education for all children.

In 2015 at the UN (United Nations) summit, world leaders were asked to make education a priority in the new global goals, and a sustainable development goal to give every child an education by 2030 was agreed.

Ian Austin agreed that, Send My Friend to School’ is an important campaign the quintessential  way to ending poverty worldwide; he believes we should ‘stand up for decency’ and ‘human rights should be universal.’

As well as this, our interviewing panel of students raised the point that an education for all the world would end poverty as people would be able to have a job.  He added that this would also benefit our economy, which may face turmoil in the light of a no deal Brexit, as we can trade with other countries.

Moreover, issues such as the ongoing Palestinian fight and racism were raised.  Ian Austin’s father – a holocaust survivor – taught Mr Austin the importance of diversity and tolerance, which is why he decided to become a politician and fight racism.

As well as this, Mr Austin believes that a state of Palestine should be created and the only way this conflict can end is through discussion between Israel and Palestine.  He preached the idea of peace through all issues raised.

Back on to the subject of education, Mr Austin believes, ‘education is central to what an individual can achieve.’  And the politicians of our country should place more money into helping the goal of all children receiving an education by 2030.  He also believes by investing money into this goal : economic development, gender equality, and human rights should start to prevail in countries that don’t give all children an education.  This would make the world a fairer, equal place – just as God wishes for.

Aleeza Khan – 8J/8L1