Health advice – COVID-19

Covid 19 is an unprecedented event for adults and children.  Charities and organisations have put together tips, advice and suggestions on how to maintain our mental health during this time.

Please see the link below from the NHS with advice for parents/carers on how to manage childhood illnesses and injuries during COVID-19.

Please see the link below for advice and guidance from Dudley Safeguarding People Partnership.

Advice from the  Young Minds charity to cope with isolation can be found on the link below.

The organisation Barnardos has advice for both parents/carers and young people via the link below.

Please click below for access to Services on Mental Health which support the mental health and resilience of young people:

Mindful UK –
NHS Direct –
OCD UK – – –
Young Minds –
Camhs –
Kooth –

Please remember that if you need any support please contact any member of the Safeguarding Team for advice at Bishop Milner Catholic College.