Fundraising – in memory of Lydia

From the 13th to 17th November 2017 the college held a charity week in order to raise money for the Acorns children hospice and the Neuro-Foundation in memory of Lydia. Throughout the week students sold ribbons and collected spare change, mainly in tutor sessions with the aim of have everyone wearing a ribbon by the end of the week. The first activity was a samosa sale; in true Bishop Milner style this was a great success selling all 300 samosas in the first 6 minutes of break. Following this the next day was a cake sale where we had many donations of cakes and sweet treats to sell, these again went down very well and raised the total to over £200. As Lydia loved music and performing the next activity was busking around the quad which was enjoyed by everyone at school whilst spare change was being collected.

The final day was a great success too with many gathering in the quad to ‘splat a teacher’, this was great fun for everyone from year 7 to the top of sixth form. Overall the whole week was amazing and showed the incredible generosity of our college community raising a grand total of £1,018!