Modern Foreign Languages

  • Aims

    The department aims to give every child in the school experience of studying a foreign language. Through the study of French and Spanish, the students experience another culture and are encouraged to develop a sympathetic and tolerant attitude towards others in the world. We believe than the study of languages offers a unique insight into and appreciation of the world in which we live. We endeavour to create and excite a lasting curiosity, interest and enjoyment in language study, create an atmosphere where students want to learn and are active participants in lessons, enable each student to achieve their potential in a variety of situations and contexts and encourage all students to foster effective communication. We ensure that students are thoroughly prepared for the challenge of external examinations.

    Every child is given the opportunity to develop the many skills language learning offers, and in particular listening, reading speaking and writing, currently up to GCSE level.

    Accommodation & resources

    The Department is well resourced and learning in class is complemented by multimedia projectors and interactive boards. ICT is fully integrated into teaching and learning, enhanced by a strong tradition of academic guidance and instruction. Digital voice recorders are used for recording speaking tasks and presentations. Students are encouraged to use the school’s Learning Resource Centre to further their studies.

    Students are encouraged to use additional materials to enhance their learning experiences such as and  which target specific topics, structures and/or grammar. The Active Learn website enables students to continue practising specific vocabulary and tasks as those learned in lessons; the Linguascope website provides very popular activities and motivating games for all year groups. Additional GCSE specific material is placed on the Key Stage 4 platforms, with students being provided free revision materials and workbooks.

    Students in Key Stage 3 and 4 all have access to a variety of materials to enhance and encourage their learning experiences and chances by stimulating and engaging their interest.


    Key Stage 3

    At Key Stage 3 lessons, in Year 7 ,Year 8 and year 9, are taught in the college’s banded groups. Throughout Key Stage 3, students study topics to promote basic foreign language knowledge and understanding. Across the 3 years of the key stage, they undertake speaking and listening tasks, and reading and writing practice in the following areas; self, family, home, free time, food, school and holidays. Grammatical complexity is gradually built upon to ensure understanding.

    Year 10 French and Spanish, Key Stage 4

    French at GCSE level follows the AQA examination board specification linear course. Students currently in Year 10 will follow the new Specification, with all examinations taking place at the end of year 11, and the 4 skills of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing having equal weighting.

    The French curriculum is following the AQA 2 year scheme of work and tasks are planned to reinforce and bring greater grammatical complexity to the topics of relationships, free time, new technologies, holidays and the world of work.

    Year 11 French and Spanish, Key Stage 4

    In Year 11, the focus is on revisiting key structures and grammar and preparing for the GCSE exams

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities to engage and challenge students, as well as complementing classroom teaching and learning:

    • Linguists ‘club (mainly for KS3)
    • Year 10 French Ambassadors working with local primary schools
    • After school/lunchtime l help sessions
    • University visits
    • University master-classes
    • European Day of Languages participation
    • Short visits abroad
    • Extended visits abroad

Visit to Lille 2015

Teams of French Ambassadors teaching primary pupils