College Curriculum

The Curriculum

“Developing Our God-Given Talents”

Our school curriculum supports our aim of helping our students to develop their God-given talents. It seeks to develop the spiritual, moral, social and cultural education of every child and equip them with the qualifications and personal qualities to make a success of their lives. We emphasise the important values that characterise living in Modern Britain and ensure our students understand the responsibilities of good citizenship.

 The curriculum includes all the subjects we teach and the planned learning which takes place outside school lessons. We regularly review the curriculum that our pupils experience. In doing so we aim to strike a balance between a broad, balanced curriculum and one which allows pupils to concentrate on their strengths and interests.

Our Mission

As a Catholic School our aim is the nurture of the Roman Catholic faith and the Human Rights of all within our Community. We also have a responsibility to provide the best education and care for all our students so that as a result of their time within Bishop Milner they experience the love of Christ for them and the love that we as a community have for them. We must create an environment where all members of the Bishop Milner family can develop their God given talents and both recognise and accept they are called by God to do so.

In order for those within our community to accept and respond to this Vocation we have to create opportunities and expectations for and off all.

In justice, we must allow our students to take part in a curriculum which fully develops their intellectual, social, religious, emotional, aesthetic, moral and physical capabilities.  Here, the notion of curriculum encompasses the totality of the child’s experience in our school, including the hidden curriculum: it is a total experience.

Our curriculum is committed to the development of the whole person.  It’s nature will be affected by our key Christian beliefs. These beliefs will have an influence on the courses we run and profoundly affect the way we teach and our attitudes to learners and learning. It will enable equality for all learners in the outcomes that they can achieve and the experiences that they can access.

In creating and delivering the Bishop Milner Curriculum we must never lose sight of our purpose which is to help nurture a part of God’s creation – a person of value and dignity.

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