Advent 2019 – Any Room At The Inn?

As part of our Advent preparation at Bishop Milner Catholic College we will recreate the Posada (tradition of the travelling crib). Each form will welcome the Holy Family and then take them to another home/form the next day.  

The travelling crib originated from Mexico, called Posada (meaning ‘inn’). The aim of the travelling crib is to help us remember the journey Mary and Joseph made to Bethlehem, and as a college to take time to stop and think about the true meaning of Christmas.

We pray for families around the world. For the family of our parish community. For our own families. For families who are separated at this time of year. For those with no family: that Christmas may be a time of preparation and thought; that Jesus will be at the centre of our lives; that we may unite and forgive each other; that we may look forward with confidence, showing true love for one another. Amen

From Roman Catholic Diocese Of East Anglia