6th Form Summer Transition

The transition between GCSE and A-Level is a challenge, therefore bridging materials have been written to help you make the transition to the higher level of study expected in the Sixth Form. These resources will allow you to prepare for the first few weeks of your new course. Wider reading and research are essential to your progress at this level. You should take your time to read the information below carefully in order to process the information at a deeper level.

You will receive a hard copy of this booklet upon enrolment in August, but if you would like to get ahead, please download the pdf below.

On your first day of college, Tuesday 3rd September 2019, please ensure you have completed all of the set work for your chosen subjects. You may use lined paper or type your work. This should be ready to hand in to your subject teachers during your first lesson. We look forward to welcoming you to Bishop Milner Catholic College in September.

Please Click Here to download the PDF (7.4MB)