Year 6 Transition

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Dear Year 6,

Welcome to Bishop Milner Catholic College. You are about to reach a great milestone in life! You are finishing Year 6 and leaving your primary school. You are also starting a new secondary school! In addition to this monumental moment you are in the middle of a truly historic year. Everyone on our planet is trying to cope with the consequences of the coronavirus and this has made your transition to secondary school a very unique experience.

This term you will find out the following information that will help you prepare for your transition from primary school to Bishop Milner.

When you will first visit Bishop Milner. We aim to give you the opportunity to visit the school before you start your first day of learning. The date of this is still uncertain as we endeavour to keep the school and its community safe from coronavirus. It might be in September.

What Your Form Group will be. At Bishop Milner we have 5 House Saints, each saint is assigned to a form. These are St Andrew, St Bernadette, St Clare, St John and St Stephen.  You will be with your form group every morning and you can compete with other forms throughout your time at Bishop Milner. Importantly, before you purchase the school tie, you will need know your house saint because it is represented by the colour of your tie, and you will wear this with pride!  Letters have been sent to all students informing them of their form group for September.

Life at Bishop Milner. We will share with you our expectations at Bishop Milner and some of the things you’ll want to know before starting. A formal induction evening this term will not be able to take place so we have started to share this information with you to read and watch.

There are also lots of activities you can be getting on with, please see the links further down on this page.

You might also be getting work to help from your primary school

Good luck with this term and we will be in touch soon

Click here to view our transition video

Click here to view our message from the year 7 staff team

Frequently Asked Questions:
Click here to download frequently asked questions relating to year 6 transition


English Transition Activitiesclick here to download


Maths Transition Activitiesclick here to download


Science Transition Activities – coming soon

RE Transition Activitiesclick here to download


Y6 Weekly competitions:

Congratulations to the winner of the “View from my window” challenge set last week – Ellie Barnes who did an amazing painting. Thank you to all of you who entered and there were some really unique approaches – from Minecraft to photography. It was really difficult again to pick a winner.

Week Commencing 6.7.20:

This week’s challenge is to write an acrostic poem using the word Lockdown  – an acrostic poem is a poem where the first letter of each line (or to make it more challenging – the last letter of each line) spells out a specific word.

When you have completed your poem, please email it to Mr Cutler ( who will decide on a winner which will be announced on Friday 10th July.

Good luck!

Transition booklet

You can complete this transition booklet to help prepare you for life at Bishop Milner. You could print this off and complete it or fill it in from a computer or other device. If you are able to, bring it in to school when you first visit.

Click here to download (Transition booklet 2020)

Be Awesome Go Big – Transition to Secondary School

We know your preparations for joining secondary school are completely different to how you thought things would happen. EVERYONE, is in the same position as you. To help prepare yourself and to stay positive, please try the course BE AWESOME GO BIG. These sessions have been put together specifically for you and have expert advice on how to be your best. Take some time to listen to  he videos and read the presentations of each session. Then complete each task. By the end you will all know exactly how you can use your God given talents and be awesome!

The Workbooks

This workbook is a pdf and easy to print
Click here to download (Be-Awesome-Go-Big-Workbook-to-print)

This is the same workbook but you can edit this file and type your answers Click here to download (Be-Awesome-Go-Big-Workbook-editable)

Session 1 – Being awesome
Click here to download (Session-1-Being-awesome)

Session 2 – Unlocking your mind
Click here to download (Session-2-Unlocking-your-mind)

Session 3 – Dare to take risks
Click here to download (Session-3-Dare-to-take-risks)

Session 4 – Managing the change
Click here to download (Session-4-Making-the-change)

Session 5 – Lost but not lost
Click here to download (Session-5-Lost-but-not-lost)

Session 6 – Bouncebackability
Click here to download (Session-6-Bouncebackability)

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