Summer School

Summary information


Bishop Milner Catholic College

Academic Year


Total Summer School Cost


Number of pupils invited

146 Total

107 Non-PP

39 PP


Due to the pandemic impacting on learning time and the lack of opportunity for transition activities to take place between primary and secondary schools, the government has provided funding for secondary schools to run summer schools to support the transition.


The full guidance can be seen via the following link

Use of Funds as outlined in government guidance

Dates and Attendance

Pupils leaving primary school this year may have missed a significant proportion of key stage 2 face-to-face teaching and therefore missed valuable preparation for secondary education. They are likely to need additional support with English and maths, for example, to make it easier for them to access the secondary curriculum. A summer school gives an opportunity to offer that face-to-face support before they start a new school.

Summer school also offers an important opportunity to support pupils’ wellbeing. Schools must include enrichment activities, such as team games, music, drama or sports activities. The cultural capital pupils have lost out on is important too. Pupils may not have heard as many words as they do on a normal day or read the books or been to the different places they might have otherwise. Some pupils won’t have had access to a garden or other safe outdoor space during lockdown, so schools might want to offer those opportunities as part of the summer school.



22nd July 2021 90 Pupils in attendance


23rd July 2021 87 Pupils in attendance


26th July 2021 82 Pupils in attendance


27th July 2021 76 Pupils in attendance


28th July 2021 78 Pupils in attendance


Attendance of at least 1 day of the programme 96 students (78 Non-PP 18 PP)

Expenditure: Staffing

Two lead co-ordinators and staffing for 5 days to ensure all students had staff to support their needs.


Expenditure: Resources

Physical, virtual and external company


Overview of Summer School

We provided two hours of literacy and numeracy before lunchtime, using a variety of fun activities with an academic focus. The aim was to support our future Y7 students with their core skills, to boost their reading, writing and numeracy (especially after impact of the Pandemic) whilst also nurturing their social skills and confidence.

We used resources which were accessible, fun and blended academic education with enrichment activities. We aimed to provide an opportunity for face to face teaching and familiarising them with the school environment, particularly after many had missed so much education during recent school closures. They worked in groups and won prizes, we invited in the Poet Laureate Dreadlock Alien and ran a Poetry Slam, in which they performed their written pieces in the hall. This enabled students to build strong relations with fellow pupils and their new teachers. The feedback from the students and parents was excellent, they really enjoyed themselves and produced some wonderful work.


During the afternoon sessions, there were a variety of activities to enhance student’s health and wellbeing and creativity and the opportunity for team building and the chance to make lasting friendships, as well as build positive relationships with staff. The timetable was constructed to include Sport, Music and Dance, Drama, Art and Crafts and Cooking giving our young people the chance to experience the broad curriculum of activities that secondary school can offer.


The theme was ‘Carnival’ so all the activities were designed to plan and prepare for a carnival on the last afternoon.  The students learned carnival dances, made masks to wear and created a Mexican inspired picnic to share together. In addition, throughout the week, students had the opportunity to participate in various sports  including football and basketball in the sports hall and on the MUGA.

One afternoon, they created Thank You cards for the special people in their lives, thanking them for all the care and support they had received during the past turbulent year, whilst celebrating the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics on the whiteboards in their classrooms.


On the last afternoon, we all gathered in the quad to showcase our carnival dance skills, wear our wonderful headdresses and masks and share our lunch together. This was a wonderful culmination of all the hard work and effort put in by the students and a great time was had by all – including the staff!