Head Student Team

Meet the Head Student Team

The Head Student Team of 2021 were selected following an application and process. We wish them well with all the hard work needed to organise the Sixth Form social events, charity fundraising and support for our whole college community.

In a change to roles of previous teams, this year’s Head Student Team will be working together to develop our college community and support local events and charities.

Head Students


Head Girl: Myrium Noka

Head Boy: Victor Ukwu

Deputy Head Girl: Charlotte Bant

Deputy Head Boy: Charlie Mason

Team in Support: Archie Harris, Macy Grice, Paris Reid, Charlotte Oakes, Danny John, Shambara Matheus, Jack Ginder, Dontay Astbury, Summer Roberts, Bethany Pascall, Nerice Rigby

Previous Head Students:


Head Girl: Clemmie Hand

Head Boy: Thomas Wynn