Easter tide – online mass

Bishop Milner Catholic College hopes that everyone had a safe and holy Easter.  As you know in these challenging times we can keep in touch with our faith by following links for online Mass:


Sunday Gospel –  Second Sunday of Easter :John Ch 20:19-31

As we are in the season of Easter tide we have time to reflect on the Sunday Gospel with one of the most powerful professions of faith in the Bible from Thomas when he sees the risen Jesus he says, ‘My Lord, my God.’   Catherine from Cafod has reflected on the meaning of John 20:19-31 below,

‘After Jesus’ death, the disciples were , together in a room, afraid of the authorities. We get a sense that they were in a tight space.  As we come to terms with this new world we’re living in, we can perhaps empathise with the disciples and the  time they were facing. We are dealing with an unprecedented global pandemic. Like the disciples at that time, we are confined indoors. The future may seem uncertain.

When Jesus appeared to the disciples and showed them his hands and his side, they were filled with joy, not fear. Even Thomas, who doubted at first, came to believe when he felt Jesus’ wounds. Jesus is living proof that death and fear have no power over the life he brings. In the face of this, we can draw closer to God. Being on lockdown isn’t separation from God, it’s a chance to grow nearer to him and to one another. Let us be at peace in the knowledge that even at the height of fear, Jesus is here with us through it all.

Lord Jesus, as we see the devastating impact of the Coronavirus around the world, be with us when we are afraid. Conjure in us the conviction to unite together in this struggle and foster a united global response. Amen.

Dan and Emily from One Life Music continue to support our faith through worship and song. 

Week 3 can be accessed through this link:

Weekly Worship & Song 3

There are also worship resources from Ten Ten for families. 

Please click on the link below for access to this resource:  https://www.tentenresources.co.uk/primary-subscription/prayers-for-home/sunday-liturgy-for-families/

Please find below a children’s prayer for Spiritual Communion written by Fr Tomas. 

You may wish to use this in family prayer.

Lord Jesus,
I know that you are truly present in the Blessed Sacrament.
I am sad because I cannot receive you at this moment in time,
yet I know that your love for me knows no bounds.

Please come to my heart and make your dwelling place in me.
Give me the joy of knowing that you are always by my side, and the courage of sharing your love with those I am with today.